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The Keystone Clean Water Team has maintained an active blog site since 2004 when the organization was working on issues of water quality and cancer clusters in portions of Carbon County, Pennsylvania. We have decided to maintain all of our historic blog posts and use the Carbon County Groundwater Guardian Website as our blog site for all our past and future blog posts. For this site, you will find links to local and statewide outreach, national issues, and grassroots efforts. Please visit – Our Blog at http://www.carbonwaters.org


In addition to the Keystone Clean Water Team Blog – we maintain contribute to a separate blog on technical issues related to sustainability, alternative and renewable energy, water quality, statewide education efforts, legislative action, and water and wastewater management. The Blog is called – Pennsylvania Environmental Solutions Conservation, Alternative Energy, Sustainability or PA-Solutions- http://pennsylvania-solutions.blogspot.com. On this blog, you may find information on events or outreach our partners or supporters.


On drinking water issues it is always about the facts, so we partner with the Water Research Center to help provide fact based technical information to support our education outreach efforts. Through this portal – You will only get the facts – No Spin. The Water-Research Center has been educating private well owners and others since 1999. At this point, the portal has directly assisted over 1.5 million citizens. This portal will contain information on water quality issues, water treatment solutions, and various products and educational materials. Please visit and use this Portal- http://www.water-research.net

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The Carbon County Groundwater Guardians, the precursor to the Keystone Clean Water Team, has a Facebook page and we’d love for you to join us there. Our page is home to a lively discussion and you should be part of it. 

Click here to have your voice heard at the PA Groundwater Private Well Owner Forum.